The With-God Replay

By: Ted Harro

The With-God Replay is one of our favorite practices to help couples grow. This practice is a variation of an ancient exercise called the Daily Examen. It is designed to help us notice what God is doing in us by reviewing the last day or week or month or (fill in the time period) with God.

As I’ve learned by being around Father Michael, there are a gazillion ways to do the With-God Replay. Here’s one way:

  • Startups
    • Start by quieting yourself down. Sit somewhere comfortable. Take a few deep breaths.
    • Remind yourself that God is present with you. Notice the sights and smells and sounds around you; see how they’re a reflection of a creative and active Person.
    • Think of the person in the world who loves you best. See their face and feel their acceptance. Remind yourself that God can’t possibly love you less than that person. Enjoy that love.
  • Rewind
    • Whatever period of time you’re reviewing, go back over that time with God. Imagine you’re watching it like a movie on fast forward.
    • When you see something in the movie that makes you smile, slow it down. Slow it way down. Relive that moment with God. Experience it again – the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and sensations. Experience that joy with God. Thank Him for being the Joyful Giver.
    • When you see something in the movie that brings up difficult emotions, slow it down again. Relive that moment with God. Ask Him what He wants you to see in this moment. Experience his comfort, forgiveness, and companionship.
  • Wrap-ups
    • Take a look at the hours in front of you. You only have this next day! Ask God what He wants you to take with you from this time with Him into those next hours.
    • Take a few moments of silence, just sitting with God. Remember that He delights and dwells in you.

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