By: Ted Harro

Ted and Gretchen Harro
Yes, you married him!

Hi, We’re Ted and Gretchen Harro.

We’ve been doing marriage together since 1988. Yes, that’s a long time. We’ve needed a lot of practice because having a healthy marriage is really hard work.

Along the way, we’ve discovered that our life calling is walking with other people who share our desire for a joy-filled, real relationship. Ever since we started coaching engaged couples in our mid-20s (yes, they gave us the 19-year old couples!), we’ve been involved in helping couples work out their relationships with God in the real world. We’re fortunate to have taught and mentored hundreds of couples whose experience range from dating to married veterans with decades more experience than us.

While marriage isn’t for everyone, we’ve come to believe that it is one of God’s greatest tools for helping each of us become who we were created to be and for making a contribution to the world. When a couple catches that vision and cooperates with God, they become like a bright star shining in a dark world. If that’s something that grabs your attention, you’re probably one of our people. We’d love to meet you.

A Little About Us

She's the therapist.


Gretchen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in private practice in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She is a local leader in the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) movement as a board member and certified EFT supervisor. EFT is one of the most carefully researched marriage therapy methods based on helping couples get and maintain a super strong connection. Like Gorilla Glue only less sticky.


Beyond being a well-trained husband, Ted has studied and taught inside-out transformation for more than 20 years, often in a marriage ministry context. He is currently enrolled in the Renovare Institute’s program on spiritual formation. Ted uses humor and creativity to make marriage growth and spiritual change accessible to everyone. He works in the marketplace as a strategy and leadership development consultant.

He's the spiritual formation guy.

Along the way, we’ve successfully raised two sons to adulthood. Or at least they’re adult-ish. Which we see a major achievement in itself.