Love Like Jesus

By: Ted Harro

“You look more and more like your dad as you get older,” Gretchen said to me recently. Luckily, I know how much she liked my dad, so I didn’t feel super defensive. 

Family resemblances are funny. Our friends, John and Joan, recently shared the video of the night when their daughter got engaged. In true 21st century fashion, it was planned so that she was the only person surprised and everyone else was in on the perfect-for-Facebook event. 

I had never met their daughter, but as soon as I watched the video I texted Joan.

“She laughs just like you!”

When we spend hours and hours together with family members, they rub off on us. We start to look like them, act like them, laugh like them.

John, one of Jesus’ closest friends, said, “See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”  I believe that God’s great goal for us is that we spend enough time with him that we start to have the family likeness. Just like Gretchen and I wanted to shape our boys into fine young Harro men, with the best values and traits and habits from both sides of our family, so I believe God wants to shape us into imitators of Jesus. And if we know one thing about Jesus, it’s that he was an amazingly loving person.

Imagine for a second what it will be like when you and your spouse are imitators of Jesus, who happen to be married to each other. Imagine how you’ll see each other. Imagine how you will interact with each other. Imagine the joy of being in that circle.

Sometimes, the family likeness is obvious!

That will be good. That will be very good.

This week, try this:

  • Notice some way your spouse loves you well. I know we’re used to noticing what we wish our spouses would do differently. But this week, flip it around. Notice the good.
  • In what way does your spouse’s love show a family resemblance with Jesus? 
  • Spend a moment admiring Jesus and being grateful for how the Father, Son, and Spirit have rubbed off on your spouse.
  • Why not share what you’re seeing with your spouse?

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